Big Country Stone
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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you Sell to the General Public?

Yes we sell to the general public, and you can pick your material up yourself at our yard or we can deliver it for you! 

Do you sell Lueders stone?

Yes we have more than 20 different blends from our lueders quarry.

Do you deliver?

Yes we deliver any where in the state of Texas. And can arrange freight beyond that.

How much does a ton of stone cover?

Building stone covers any where between 35 sq ft to 45 sq ft per ton depending on thickness.

1" flag stone will cover 160 to 180 sq ft per ton
1.5" flagstone covers 120 to 140 sq ft per ton
2" flagstone covers 80 to 90 sq ft per ton


What will a yard of river Rock/sand/base material cover?

54 sq ft 6" thick
65 sq ft 5" thick
81 sq ft 4" thick
120 sq ft 3" thick
160 sq ft 2" thick


How many bags of mortar per brick or ton of stone?

1.3 80 lb bags per ton of stone
6.5 80 lb bags of mortar per 1000 brick

How much sand will I need to brick and rock my house?

1 yard per 1000 brick
1 yard per 3 tons of stone

Do you sell Austin stone?

Yes. We Have 10 Different Variations of Austin Building Stone.

Do you sell sandstone?